Mihai Peteu

Front end software engineer, cyclist, coffee enthusiast.

Cover Image for Datetime Picker Component

Datetime Picker Component

Vue open source component library to control time range queries in dashboards

Cover Image for Openpath App Store

Openpath App Store

Zero-code database solution with React front end

Cover Image for CMS-driven Aircraft Fleet

CMS-driven Aircraft Fleet

CMS architecture and custom layout for a private jet company's branded fleet

Cover Image for Cultural Revolution Ceramics

Cultural Revolution Ceramics

A digital exhibition of various artifacts from San Diego's Chinese Historical Museum

Cover Image for Revo - social media aggregator

Revo - social media aggregator

Social media management platform

Cover Image for Karmuh Slack App

Karmuh Slack App

Slack co-worker appreciation plugin

Cover Image for Middle of June

Middle of June

A Los Angeles live music event aggregator with which searches for detailed artist info and associated video clips.

Cover Image for Open Learning Component Library

Open Learning Component Library

McGraw Hill UI component library with implementation examples.

Cover Image for FifaGate Corruption Scandal

FifaGate Corruption Scandal

Visualization showcasing the 2015 global corruption scheme via money flows between FIFA officials and conspirators.